The first 30 people to buy Vinhomes Riverside villa from 15/1 to end on 02/07/2016 will be free managed service for 5 years or enjoy European trip for 2 people.

The program “Spring to buy houses – Get a gift for Tet” by the distribution agent Vietstarland, Minh Hung Land and New Age organizations and apply to all new buyers of villas in urban areas Vinhomes Riverside (Long Bien, Hanoi).

Thông tin dự án liên hệ đại lý Vietstarland
Thông tin dự án liên hệ đại lý Vietstarland

Accordingly, from now until New Year’s Eve before calmly, the first 30 customers subscribe Vinhomes Riverside villa will be recognized immediately either celebrate New Year gift packages. It is a free package management services for 5 years or a European trip for 2 people worth 180 million.

In addition, customers will be provided with loans up to 70% of villa with 0% interest rate in the first 12-24 months. So, just pay 30%, customers can own right Vinhomes Riverside villa.

Preferential policies for Hoa Sua 10 villas and 11 also continue to be applied during this period. Specifically, customers with investment needs will be participating in the program to ensure the rent profitability totaling up to 4 billion in two years, supported loans with 0% interest for 12 months. Villa owners will receive immediately profitable leasing terms and payment deducted from the final round before getting home.

Thus, instead of the 30% advance payment, customers only need to pay 20% of the villas, the equivalent amount of 3.5 billion is to own a villa on the river with a number of very United Dairy restrictions 10 and 11.

Riverside villas Vinhomes center Hoan Kiem Lake is about 15 minutes drive. The project has a good ecological environment, security, synchronization utility.

Besides the utility already built, urban management continues perfecting new landscape items such as dinosaur park, swimming pool on the top floor overflowed Vincom Center Long Bien, system machine modern outdoor gym … in order to ensure the best living conditions for residents.

Along with the increase in value for the villa, Vinhomes Riverside also regularly organizes activities residents. From day to day 5/2 20/1, customers and residents can visit spring flower market, specialties, shopping and entertainment with many significant activities in Vinhomes Riverside.real estate, project, housing, housing

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