The Two Residence apartment suitable for many members of the family, multi-generation wants to live near each other but still have separate space.

Launching The Two Residence condominium with apartments designed Dual-keys will be invested Gamuda Land Vietnam was first introduced on 23/1 at Urban Gamuda Gardens (Hoang Mai District, Hanoi).

Dual-keys are smart apartments is popular in many developed countries. Apartment share inside the main door but split into 2 separate entrance, which, in a way leading to the main room, a smaller room leading to the entrance. Each activity was isolated system equipped kitchen and bathroom.

Căn hộ Dual-keys được xây dựng tại The Two Residence, khu đô thị Gamuda Gardens.
Căn hộ Dual-keys được xây dựng tại The Two Residence, khu đô thị Gamuda Gardens.

For those who want a profitable business, after the dual ownership of the apartment keys, the landlord can just to stay just leased a part of the area to help bring a stable income and long-term.

Is one of three apartments belonging to Gamuda Gardens, The Two Residence was built with 229 apartments designed Dual-keys diverse area from 76.68 m2 to 121 m2. Dual-keys addition, investors also have 2 different types of apartments include: Studio (small apartment) for customers are young families, students, singles … Apartments Standard (Standard apartments ) with an area of diverse, flexible.

Hệ thống Siêu thị dự án Bất động sản (STDA)
Hệ thống Siêu thị dự án Bất động sản (STDA)

The Two Residence is located at the southern gateway of Hanoi, the city center is only 15 minutes drive, convenient move toward Thanh Xuan, Cau Giay, Noi Bai International Airport … through highways Belt 2 and 3, Tam Trinh street.

The project has a total area of 73 571 m2, is designed L-shaped architecture connected two towers 27 and 30 stories. Among them, 3-storey garage, one floor is a business center. Here, residents will enjoy relaxing space even hanging green gardens are located on the 5th floor and floor sky garden at 27. In addition to utilities in the apartment, the synchronization utility systems such as swimming pools, tennis courts, gym, international schools … also help residents life utility.

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